The monthly magazine Ode was founded in 1994 in The Netherlands. Nowadays there’s also an English edition distributed worldwide and an online community/archive, presenting new ideas and possibilities for sustainability and personal growth from an optimistic point of view. Thousands of inspirational articles and links.

Sojourners is an American magazine, website and action network run by progressive thinking Christians fighting poverty, inequality and injustice inside and outside the USA. Great articles.

On Intentional Communities you can find information on thousands of communities worldwide: ecovillages, co-housing projects and  other alternative forms of living together. The European ecovillage network is another good starting point.

The Planet Art Network is a growing international movement that promotes the 13 Moon Calender of World Peace, based on the age-old calendrics of the Mayan people. The Network has divisions in many countries as you can see from the links on their website. 

The Foundation For The Law Of Time is led by visionary scientist and author José Arguelles, who revealed the meaning and great significance of the Mayan Way for these chaotic and harsh times we’re living in. The Mayan way of perceiving time, cosmos, earth and humanity can be experienced from their mathematics and calendrics and can become the basis for a whole new way of thinking, a new paradigm that will end the current destructive one (‘time is money’).

There’s plenty of other great websites on this subject and the journey of Earth and Humanity towards 2012. For a clear explanation in Dutch check the website of Nicole Zonderhuis. She’s also one of the people behind the annual 13 Moon diary and monthly WaveMail, both produced in English and Dutch.
For explanations in English you can check the late Ian Lungold’s website or the website of Eden Sky.

Dutch photographer Benno Neeleman makes a positive contribution to the world by documenting wrong-doings all over the world: from Sierra Leone to Indonesia. Impressive work!