There are many wellknown organizations battling 24/7 to stop the worldwide destruction of our environment from ruthless multinationals, governments and individuals. Prime examples being WNF, Friends Of The Earth and Greenpeace. Below you can find some others that I support.

Two of the biggest and most succesful online action networks are Avaaz and Care2. With little effort you can make a real difference! Care2 already has 9,1 million members for their emailcampaignes!

Omslag, Alles Duurzaam en Goede Waar & Co are the most important Dutch platforms for living and working sustainably.
Omslag is totally run by volunteers. They organize lectures, maintain a library and a website.
Alles Duurzaam is a great source to discover sustainable Dutch shops and webstores for everything from clothing and food to garden products.
Goede Waar & Co is an ‘alternative’ critical consumer organization. In their magazine and on their website you can check how fair or green certain products are.

If you don’t know the sources, it’s not easy to find clean clothes. Most clothes you buy in shops are either made of synthetic materials like polyamide and polyester (which are made from oil!) or dirty cotton. I say dirty because 25% of the world’s pesticides are used in growing regular cotton. Not to mention the child labour that is often used during the harvesting  of the raw material.
Dutch webstore Fair 21 sells great clothes from organice cotton, hemp and other sustainable materials.
The superb clothing from Gossypium, the British pioneers of fairtrade organic cotton, is shipped internationally as well.
If you prefer a ‘real life’ store Nukuhiva in Amsterdam might be a nice one to visit if you want to buy sustainable clothing. The store was founded by Dutch TV presenter Floortje Dessing. 

Ever since I was young I have felt an intuitive connection to Indian tribes (North and South America) which I could not really explain. Later on I learned more and more about their ways of life and spirituality, which is strongly connected to mother Earth. That’s when I understood. Survival International is one of many organizations battling for the rights of indigenous peoples worldwide, peoples who have been living on this earth for many centuries and whose cultures, land and rights have been or are still under threat by “progress”.

The USA is a country of extremes. While on one hand its population contains some of the most conservative, narrow-minded people I know, there’s also a growing counterculture of very progressive, forward-thinking ‘folks’. Some of them are strongly focused towards a sustainable future with the desire to establish ‘the new American dream’. This website is one of their platforms filled with articles, reports and lots of ideas and products you might want to check out.

Our Future Now is an organization active on the American festival circuit, promoting a sustainable future. It was co-founded by the great Michael Kang, violin and mandolin player for the String Cheese Incident